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About Skill-IT-MS

Skill-It-MS is a statewide digital skills initiative, generously supported by Microsoft TechSpark and built upon the Skills for Jobs learning pathways. The initiative is designed to drive inclusive economic growth in Mississippi by helping job seekers successfully navigate the paths to in-demand roles in a more digital economy.


These role-based learning paths can be completed in a short amount of time and provide opportunities for people—at any stage in their career—to reskill and upskill for in-demand roles.


From May 1 through June 30, 2023 participants could earn points with a certificate of completion for a Foundational Skills course or Career Essentials Certificate for a Career pathway. *These pathways and courses are still available to all registrants, however the Skill-IT-Thon challenge is now closed.





The Goals

• Promote digital skills and employability.

• Offer learning pathways and industry-recognized credentials.

• Create equitable access to new and updated skill sets.

Skill-IT-Thon Awards Program

In order to take the courses and pathways, you must have a free LinkedIn profile account, which can be acquired HERE. (Please note that a LinkedIn account is required, but a LinkedIn Learning account is optional.)

Skill-IT-Thon Winners

Contest Winners Announced! Hear from our winners below:

MPB Education

Kaodilinye Okeke, Jackson, MS

1st Place Ages 16-24 

MPB Education

Tressimee Stokes-Thompson, Jackson, MS

4th Place Ages 25-49

MPB Education

Hazel Calhoun, Jackson, MS

3rd Place Ages 50+

MPB Education

Audrey Guynes, Madison, MS

2nd Place Ages 16-24

MPB Education

Cheryl Keeler, Jackson, MS

1st Place Ages 25-49

MPB Education

Ebony Williams, Raymond, MS

3rd Place Ages 16-24

MPB Education

Christopher Ward, Starkville, MS

2nd Place Ages 25-49

MPB Education

Ashley Anne Friday, Jackson, MS

3rd Place Ages 16-24

MPB Education

Gale Ray, Clinton, MS

1st Place Ages 50+