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MPB Gets to Work in Healthcare: Health IT

No hospital or clinic could run without the behind-the-scenes work of those trained in Health Information Technology. As Bill Cleveland, owner of Express Care says, “If you’re real caring and you want to help people in the healthcare industry, it’s a great field to go into.” The possibility of working from home is another draw for this field.

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Mississippi Public Broadcasting

MPB Gets to Work in Healthcare: Meridian Community College

Kevin Moore felt compelled to pursue a career in healthcare based on his experience caring for family members with medical needs. Once a mentor recommended nursing, Kevin looked to Meridian Community College and their Associate Degree Nursing Program.

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Healthcare Careers Overview

Careers in Healthcare can range from nursing to Medical Coding/Health Information Technology. These careers include assessing patient health problems and needs, developing and implementing nursing care plans, maintaining medical records and compiling and reporting patient information for healthcare requirements that is consistent with the healthcare industry coding numerical system.

Salary Range Potential:


Skills Needed & Abilities:

Active Listening, Service Orientation, Oral Comprehension, Oral Expression, Problem Solving, Deductive Reasoning and Reading Comprehension

Sectors Hiring:

Ambulatory, Blood Services, Hospital, Home Health, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Nursing Care

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