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Information Technology (IT)
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MPB Gets to Work in IT: Cyber Security at EMCC

Demand for cyber security technicians is only expected to grow. “It’s becoming just as important as having a fire station, a police department, and EMTs on the street. You can almost not have a digital community without cyber security,” says Aaron Brooks, Director of Information Systems at Mississippi University for Women.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

MPB Gets to Work in IT: Base Camp Coding Academy

Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, MS teaches students fresh out of high school about coding, and how to develop the skills needed for programming software. Partnered with Northwest Community College, the program’s mission is to train young people for the many computer science positions waiting to be filled throughout Mississippi.

Information Technology Careers Overview

Careers in Information Technology involves evaluating protocols, operating systems, hardware components, networking devices, and software tools to make a secure infrastructure. Information technology changes rapidly and requires the ability to incorporate ever-changing technologies. The need for well-trained security personnel is present in every industry.

Salary Range Potential:

$47,220-$100,000+ per year

Skills Needed:

Programming, Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Near Vision, Oral Comprehension and Deductive Reasoning


Sectors Hiring:

Federal Government Contractors, Armed Forces, L3 Technologies, Banking Institutions and Cellular Providers

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