Information Technology (IT)
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Getting to Work – Mississippi

Getting to Work in IT: Cyber Security at EMCC


A crucial role in today’s digital age, cyber security is a growing career field.

Getting to Work – Mississippi

Getting to Work in IT: Base Camp Coding Academy


Base Camp Coding Academy is a great start to a career in computer science.

Information Technology Careers Overview

Careers in Information Technology involves evaluating protocols, operating systems, hardware components, networking devices, and software tools to make a secure infrastructure. Information technology changes rapidly and requires the ability to incorporate ever-changing technologies. The need for well-trained security personnel is present in every industry.

Salary Range Potential: $47,220-$100,000+ per year

Skills Needed: Programming, Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Near Vision, Oral Comprehension and Deductive Reasoning

Sectors Hiring: Federal Government Contractors, Armed Forces, L3 Technologies, Banking Institutions and Cellular Providers

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