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Getting to Work in Logistics: Hinds Diesel Tech Academy


At Hinds Diesel Technology Academy, students learn skills towards a career in logistics.

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MPB Gets to Work in Logistics: Hinds Barge Deck Hand Traini

“It’s putting myself in the door for bigger opportunities,” says Ryan Roberts, a trainee in Hinds Vicksburg’s Barge Deck Hand Training program. Yazoo River Towing HR manager Anna Ferguson informs, “Individuals can come in, start as an entry level position and in five years with our development structure be making a six figure salary.”

Logistics Careers Overview

Logistics comprises of establishments primarily engaged in transporting and warehousing goods as well as providing logistics services. It includes the four transportation modes (trucking, rail, air and marine) as well as Postal Services, Couriers and Messengers, and Warehousing and Storage.

Salary Range Potential: $45,000-$100,000+ per year

Skills Needed & Abilities: Computer, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Solving, Oral Comprehension and Oral Expression

Sectors Hiring: Transportation, Warehousing and Manufacturing

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