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MPB Gets to Work in Manufacturing: MGCCC Welding

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College trains students in welding. It’s one of their many skills based programs. Student Russell Johnson emphasizes the importance of learning a skill saying, “It’s something that, once you learn this skill, you can go anywhere with it. It doesn’t expire.”

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Mississippi Public Broadcasting

MPB Gets to Work in Manufacturing: EMCC Mechatronics

Kyle Pierce saw his income double with his new job. Soon to complete an Electrical Mechanical Maintenance Degree at East Mississippi Community College, Kyle is optimistic about his future. He says, “There is always a need for skilled technicians.”

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Manufacturing Careers Overview

Manufacturing careers research, design, develop, or test automation, intelligent systems, smart devises, or industrial systems control and includes processing materials. Manufacturing facilities are often described as plants, factories, or mills and typically use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment.

Salary Range Potential:

$36,000-$100,000+ per year

Skills Needed & Abilities:

Analytical, Computer, Engineering and Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical, Design, Electronics, Active Listening, Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Reading Comprehension.

Sectors Hiring:

Shipbuilding, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Machinery Manufacturing

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Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Automation & Controls

Industrial Maintenance Technician